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Different combinations of NSK products and unique components to offer the ideal XY Table for each specific application.


  1. Wide variety
  2. High motion accuracy
  3. Precision positioning table for air slides available

A single-axis module combining NSK Linear Guides and Ball Screws for greater freedom in control system design.


  1. Flexible options for the choice of motor
  2. Specification for clean environments available (optional)
  3. Multi-axis combination available

Positioning Actuator, combination of a high-accuracy and high-rigidity Monocarrier and a servo motor equipped with controller, realizes compact devices.


  1. Easy operation thanks to the exclusive software "PA term"
  2. Supports easy installation of machinery
  3. Optimal products range
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XY Tables


With its positioning technology and proprietary evaluation technology, NSK provides high-quality XY Tables that contribute to the further development of the state-of-the-art electronics industry. Based on our thorough research into performance requirements for semiconductor and LCD production equipment and medical analysis devices, we are able to offer the ideal XY Tables, exclusively designed using analysis technology. We have also developed XY Tables for special conditions, such as vacuum and non-magnetic environments.

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You can download the 2D / 3D CAD data of NSK products.


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   This is the free CAD data download service produced by CADENAS WEB2CAD, Inc.
   This service can provide designers with 2D and 3D data for mechanical parts.



Precision Positioning Tables


XY Modules

Positioning Actuator


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