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High-performance Linear Guides with outstanding motion accuracy are designed for super high-accuracy machine tools or measuring equipment.


  1. High motion accuracy
  2. High rigidity
  3. Extra long bearing

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NSK's standard Linear Guide series satisfies the requirements of every industry with its versatile performance and conforms to international standard dimensions.


  1. Self-aligning capability
  2. Impact-load resistance
  3. Wide variety

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Light weight, compact and easy to use NSK miniature Linear Guides ensure smooth operation.


  1. Smooth motion
  2. Light weight
  3. Incorporates stainless steel
  4. Low dust emission

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NSK's most advanced high-performance seals deliver more than four times longer operating life under contaminated environments than conventional models.


  1. High dust-resistance (multi-lip structure seal)
  2. Long operating life

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NSK K1™ lubrication unit ensures long-term, maintenance-free operation as well as the long operating life of components under tough lubrication environments; clean lubrication method exerts less impact on the environment.


  1. Long-term, maintenance-free operation
  2. Long operating life
  3. NSK K1™ for food processing or medical equipment also available

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Further evolved DFO thin-film lubrication technology ensures significantly longer operating life and lower outgassing in vacuum environments.


  1. Suitable for high vacuum environments
  2. Low outgassing
  3. Low friction

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 Linear Roller Guides

The most advanced Roller Guides, representing the culmination of NSK's analysis technology and tribology. With a complete lineup featuring high-load capacity and high rigidity, the RA Series meets the needs of a wide range of applications.


  1. High rigidity
  2. High accuracy
  3. Long operating life
  4. High dust resistance
  5. High-performance end seal equipped type available

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 Linear Ball Guides

You can download the 2D / 3D CAD data of NSK products.


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   This is the free CAD data download service produced by CADENAS WEB2CAD, Inc.
   This service can provide designers with 2D and 3D data for mechanical parts.



 General Machinery


The manufacturing process for NSK Linear Guides incorporates production technologies that ensure high precision and outstanding quality. We offer an extensive product lineup high-load capability, and excellent dust-resistant performance to meet the needs of a variety of industries, such as machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, general industrial devices, and medical equipment. We are able to quickly and reliably meet expanding customer needs by offering various products such as miniature Linear Guides for special specifications.

 NSK Roller Guides RA Series

NSK High-Accuracy Linear Guides High-Accuracy Series

NSK Low-Noise Linear Guides NSK S1™ Series

NSK Standard Linear Guides LH Series / LS Series

NSK Linear Guides Miniature PU Series / PE Series

Highly Dust-Resistant NSK Linear Guides V1 Series

NSK Linear Guides with E-DFO Thin-Film Lubrication  for Vacuum Environments

NSK Linear Guides



NSK S1 Series ensures quiet, non-obtrusive sound and low dust emission while exhibiting smooth operation.


  1. Quiet, non-obtrusive sound emission
  2. Smooth motion
  3. Low dust emission
  4. Wide variety

CAT. No.E3162PDF(793KB)

Lubrication Units NSK K1™

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