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Newly developed, low profile Megatorque Motors that inherit the performance advantages of the PS Series. Brake equipped series and high environmental resistance series are also available.


  1. Low profile
  2. High-speed positioning
  3. High-accuracy position sensor
  4. Inner rotor

CAT. No.E3511PDF(8,598KB)

Advanced Megatorque Motors with high-speed, high-resolution capabilities.


  1. High-speed positioning
  2. Compact
  3. High-accuracy position sensor
  4. Outer rotor

CAT. No.E3511PDF(8,598KB)

Megatorque MotorsWith their high accuracy, high torque, light weight, and compact size, NSK direct
drive motors improve productivity and contribute to higher accuracy, lighter weight,
and greater compactness of various devices, such as high-speed robot arms.

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 Megatorque Motor PS Series

Megatorque Motor™ PS Series / PN Series

Low Profile Megatorque Motor PN/Z Series

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