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Bearings for Mining Machinery


The lineup of NSK bearings for mining machinery are manufactured using NSK's proprietary technologies in order to provide long-life performance even under the harsh conditions found in and around the digging area.

 Product List

High-Capacity Cylindrical Roller bearings EW and EM Series

By applying NSK's innovative concepts, the EM series bearing has a greater number of larger rollers than that of a conventional bearing. Furthermore, the optimally designed one-piece cage offers high rigidity and low-wear performance.
EW series bearing

  1. Bearing life increased by twofold approximately
  2. Noise and vibration levels reduced by 60-70%.
  3. Cage strengthened by one and half to twofold.
  4. Limiting speed upgraded by 10-25%.

Cat. No. E1238PDF(236KB)

EM series bearing

  1. Bearing life increased by twofold approximately.
  2. Noise and vibration levels reduced by 40-50%.
  3. Cage strengthened dramatically.

Cat. No. E1237PDF(813KB)

Large size Hi-TF Bearings

Hi-TF bearings were developed with innovative materials and heat treatment technology for increased durability under harsh conditions They combine long service life with good resistance to wear and seizure even under contaminated lubrication to achieve outstanding cost performance.
Cat. No. E1202PDF(2,224KB)

Full-complement cylindrical roller bearings for crane sheaves that are equipped with tight seals intended to prevent intrusion of foreign matters.

  1. Sealing capability: With contact seals, intrusion prevention of foreign matters or water improved.
  2. High capacity: Large radial and axial capacity is retained.
  3. Corrosion resistance: With phosphate coating, corrosion resistance improved.
  4. Grease replenishing type: It is possible to replenish grease through oil holes of inner ring.
  5. Reduction of parts used for mounting: By using snap rings on outer ring, it is possible to reduce number of parts for bearing peripheral.

Cat. No. E1206PDF(1,007KB)

Full-Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Crane Sheaves

TM Series Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearings

The TM series delivers longer operating life under environments contaminated with foreign particles by incorporating a special seal that prevents the entry of foreign particles and has been especially effective in automobile transmission systems.

  1. Sealed-in grease with a high affinity for gear oil to aid initial lubrication.
  2. Heat-resistant seal material.
  3. Seal lip structure prevents entry of foreign matter while allowing application of lubricant.
  4. Lower torque than conventional contact seal bearings
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Bearings for Mining Machinery (4114KB)PDF

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NSK successfully developed the NSKHPS series of spherical roller bearings, which provide a longer service life and higher limiting speeds, by employing leading-edge materials and technology in combination with years of cultivated experience and technical know-how.

  1. Bearing life increased by twofold (increased dynamic load rating by 25 %)
  2. Limiting speed increased by 20 %.

Cat. No. E1281PDF(1,510KB)

NSKHPS High Performance Standard Bearings for Industrial Machinery Spherical Roller Bearings

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