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Our proven sugar industry performance and longetivity with many applications are for the high contamination, corrosion and marginal lubrication issues throughout the Sugar Milling process.
NSK have many successes in delivering solutions to speed up processes as well as extending bearing life to meet the demands of equipment manufacturer and end user.
We uphold high standards during the development and production of every single bearing. This ensures that they will work reliably and flawlessly for many years.


Whether in a Cane Harvester, Cane Shredder, a Crushing Mill, Boiler Fan, or a Sugar Centrifuge, every step is critical to the sugar manufacturing process.

Modern, high speed, and reliable Sugar Mills have to be in place to ensure cane, which spoils relatively quickly, is transported and processed as fast as possible, ensuring the utmost quality and commercial efficiency of the final product – Granulated Sugar.

NSK Bearings support the sugar industry machinery for the challenging task of raising efficiency and productivity of operations under harsh environments.


Sugar has become an essential source of carbohydrates after the discovery to turn sugarcane juice into granulated crystals which made storage and transportation so much easier today.

From the harvesting and preparation of the cane to the production processes turning the juice into sugar, each step is handled by machinery purpose built to operate within the harshest of conditions.

The operating conditions for each process are unique, thus the right kind of products need to be selected to perform under various extreme environmental conditions. 

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