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There has been much technological advancement in products such
as Semiconductor chip, FPD (Flat Panel Display), Solar panel and
Cell phone. For the Semiconductor chip, miniaturization has led to
circuit linewidth design decreasing from 32 nm to 22 nm, and large
scale integration allows change from single to multiple packaging
design (System in Package) which accomplish lower power
consumption, higher operating speed and smaller chip size. For
the FPD, the panel size has been increased to 2850mm x 3050mm
(10th generation) from 2500mm x 2300mm (8th generation). Due to
advancement and industry trend in Semiconductor or FPD manufacturing
equipment, the components such as Bearing, Linear motion products and Mechatronics products are required to obtain lower dust emission, lower out gas, higher thermal resistance, better corrosion resistance, higher rigidity, higher speed and higher accuracy.


NSK SPACEA series products contain Bearing, Ball screws and Linear guides for vacuum, clean, high temperature and corrosive environment using with NSK original core knowledge in Tribology, Material engineering and Analysis Technology to improve performance of Semiconductor and FPD manufacturing equipment, and support green environmental concern.


 NSK Experience & Technology


V-DFO bearings feature a new innovation: a fluorine oil coating is applied to inner/outer rings, balls and cage to deliver cleanliness and long life.

Megatorque Motors

With their high accuracy, high torque, light weight, and compact size, NSK direct drive motors improve productivity and contribute to higher accuracy, lighter weight, and greater compactness of various devices, such as high-speed robot arms.

NSK is constantly adding to its product lineup with new products developed in response to the increasingly sophisticated needs of the market, and it is improving the coverage of the SPACEA Series. This series makes full use of NSK's proprietary core technologies in such as areas as materials and lubrication. Since the release of the SPACEA Series, the company has continued to focus its energies on technical development, developing such products as:

•   titanium alloy bearings (a world first)
•   new highly corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings
•   clean lubricant V-DFO bearings, ball screws, and linear guides

Anticipating progress in, and changing needs for, products suited to special production environments, NSK is actively driving the evolution of the SPACEA Series.

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